This is (still, but see below!) the official MMAX2 home page at SourceForge.
(Updated March 2010)

New:MMAX2 will soon move to the new site http://mmax2.net! The new site is currently still under construction and presently only redirects to this SourceForge site.

New:There is now a MMAX2 mailing list! Click here to subscribe!

When citing the MMAX2 annotation tool, please start using the new address http://mmax2.net now!

The new site will not only have a new address, but also much more information than the present one, including up-to-date documentation and tutorials, links to projects and papers using MMAX2, and more. So stay tuned!If you want to be informed when the site is on, send a mail to contact at mmax2 dot net!

MMAX2 documentation (incl. a Quick Start Guide, Annotation Schmeme Guide, and Style Guide) is available here! The docs are rather old, but are still valid for the current version of MMAX2.

Visit the MMAX2-related forum for questions or open discussion!

Click here to download the current open-source release of MMAX2.
This is the preferred way if you have not been using MMAX2! If you are already using an earlier version (including an evaluation copy) of MMAX2 1.0 beta, you are also strongly encouraged to switch to this new version!

New:In times to come ...
MMAX2 is currently undergoing a thorough review. A new, improved and brushed-up version will be made available soon. If you'd like to be informed about new releases, or if you have special feature requests :-), just write a mail to ottiram at users dot sourceforge dot net!

If you are using MMAX2 in your work, please cite the following article:
Christoph Müller, Michael Strube (2006): Multi-Level Annotation of Linguistic Data with MMAX2. In: Sabine Braun, Kurt Kohn, Joybrato Mukherjee (Eds.): Corpus Technology and Language Pedagogy. New Resources, New Tools, New Methods. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, pp. 197-214. (English Corpus Linguistics, Vol.3 ). (PDF) (BibTex)

Some projects using MMAX2 (in no particular order):
DEDE: un corpus annoté pour le traitement des DEscriptions DEfinies
The Potsdam Commentary Corpus
MeLLANGE Project

If you are using MMAX2 and want your project listed here, contact me at contact@mmax2.net!